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CPE Monitor

CPE Monitor, through the collaborative efforts of NABP, the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE), and ACPE providers, allows you to electronically keep track of CPE credits from ACPE-accredited providers. To view and track these credits, you must first set up an NABP e-Profile, obtain your NABP e-Profile ID, and register for CPE Monitor. You may do so by clicking on the link below. ACPE-accredited providers will ask for your e-Profile ID and your date of birth in order to properly record your CPE credits through the system.

Click here if you have forgot your ID# or if you need to register for one

How CPE Monitor Works

You will receive a unique ID after setting up your e-Profile with NABP and registering for CPE Monitor. ACPE-accredited providers have transitioned their systems to CPE Monitor, which means that you will need to provide your NABP e-Profile ID and date of birth when you register for CPE or submit a request for credit. Transmission of CPE data is a three-step process:

  1. The provider receives the CPE claim and transmits it to ACPE.
  2. ACPE transmits the data to NABP.
  3. NABP displays this information in the CPE Monitor section of your e-Profile.

Please note that providers have up to 60 days from the date of your activity to submit CPE claim data to ACPE. However, some providers have deadlines that are less than 60 days (eg, 30 days) due to the fact that they require more time to process a CPE activity claim and transmit it to ACPE. If you do not submit your credit to the CPE provider by the provider’s submission deadline, the provider will be unable to submit your claim to ACPE for transmission to your e-Profile. Check with the individual providers for their submission deadlines. Always submit CPE activity claims as soon as possible upon completion of a CPE activity.

In addition, boards of pharmacy now have the option of requesting reports on their licensees. With this capability, some boards may eventually eliminate the need for you to send paper copies of CPE statements of credit to the boards for activities from ACPE-accredited providers. Check with your board(s) to learn the preferred process for submitting proof of CPE credits and always be sure to update your license with the new expiration date.

In Phase 2 of the CPE Monitor initiative, CPE Monitor will add a function to track CPE from providers not accredited by ACPE in addition to CPE from ACPE-accredited providers. Until Phase 2 is completed, pharmacists and technicians will need to submit proof of non-ACPE accredited CPE directly to the board of pharmacy when required to do so.