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North Carolina Association of Pharmacists
Brighton Hall
1101 Slater Road, Suite 110
Durham, North Carolina 27703

Phone Number: (984) 439-1646


Provider Status for Pharmacists
Patrick Brown is attending the NCPA Legislative Conference. He plans to visit with our two Senators and encourage them to become sponsors of Senate Bill (S. 314) that will give Provider Status to pharmacists.  Mollie Scott, a ProviderStatus Committee member shared the letter she sent to our Senators she encourgages you to cut and past it in to the contact site of their (web) pages. I encourage you to send a letter yourself to reinforce Patrick's visit.  It would be nice to see our Senators join as cosponsors of (S. 314).

Pharmacists’ Roles on the Healthcare Team Are Expanding
Results released from the Pharmacy Workforce Center’s 2014 National Pharmacist Workforce Survey indicate that pharmacists are performing more patient care activities in a variety of healthcare settings, and spending less time in the traditional dispensing role. The 2014 report also reveals that pharmacy has shifted toward a female-dominated profession, with more women than men serving as actively practicing pharmacists and in management positions. Read the full story. This story is encouraging as we see how the role of the pharmacist is really changing.  As NCAP begins to ”rebrand” itself we will be looking for your input on how we can help advance NC Pharmacy Practice.

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Immunization Update: What Every Pharmacist Needs to Know



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