The North Carolina Pharmacist

North Carolina Pharmacist  is the official journal of the North Carolina Association of Pharmacists. Founded in 1915, the Journal is a resource for pharmacists and health professionals in North Carolina, providing drug and practice information from across the state and around the world. The journal is electronically published four times a year to over 14,000 pharmacists and other pharmacy professionals.

The Editorial Board

Tina Thornhill, Editor-in-Chief • Rhonda Horner-Davis, Layout and Design

Anna Armstrong • Jamie Brown • Lisa Dinkins • Jean Douglas • Brock Harris • Amy Holmes • John Kessler • Angela Livingood • Scott Perkins • Bill Taylor


North Carolina Pharmacist  is published quarterly (March, June, September, December) by the North Carolina Association of Pharmacists, and is a benefit for NCAP members. North Carolina Pharmacist features articles of various types (research, reviews, advice for trainees, education, legislative updates, opinions, and letters) intended to inform, educate and motivate pharmacists, from students to seasoned practitioners in all areas of pharmacy, and to advance the care of patients and the pharmacy profession. Click here to see the guidelines for authors. For questions or to submit a manuscript for consideration, contact, Tina H. Thornhill at [email protected].


North Carolina Pharmacist  is published electronically to over 14,000 pharmacists and other pharmacy professionals. As an advertiser, your business will be promoted to our readers in the following ways:
  • Your display ad will appear in our electronic Journal with a link directly to your website.
  • Your business name will be posted on the index page of the electronic Journal with a link to your ad.
  • The electronic Journal will be embedded on our website for future viewing, to give you permanent exposure.
For advertising or to request a rate card contact, Rhonda Horner-Davis at [email protected]


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