NCAP Now Offers Three APPE Elective Rotations for Student Pharmacists
See Below for More Information to Choose the Elective That Best Suits Your Interest

Rotations open every month except December!

NCAP Opioid Stewardship and Service Development Elective

This experience, the student pharmacist spends time working directly with a community pharmacy to establish a new clinical service centered around harm reduction strategies to address opioid and substance use disorders. The student pharmacist will be involved in assessing pharmacy needs, designing and implementing a new clinical service based on site specific priorities, and evaluating efficacy of the service. The student pharmacist will develop policies and procedures designed to uphold long-term sustainability of the service by pharmacy staff. Through this unique opportunity, the student pharmacist will gain exposure to and implement strategies integral to both progressive community practice and public health. Assignments are designed to enhance the student pharmacist's autonomy, time management, communication, and clinical service development skills.



Primary Preceptor: Dr. Cheryl Viracola
Director of Practice Advancement
[email protected]

Secondary Preceptor: Site Specific Community Pharmacist


This is an application-based APPE elective.
Deadline for student applications is October 25th, 2023.


NCAP's Association Management and Practice Advancement APPE electives are non-application based
Students interested in one of these APPE electives should follow their school's process for choosing a non-application based elective

Association Management

This experience, the student pharmacist spends time working more directly with the Executive Director, Dr. Penny Shelton, on core operations of the Association. The student pharmacist will be included in executive level meetings and work on initiatives designed to strengthen the organization, as well as participate in activities for advancing our advocacy agenda. The student pharmacist will work with the Executive Director on strategic planning, partnership development, and relationship management. The student pharmacist will spend time with the NCAP lobbyist in Raleigh. Assignments are designed to enhance the student pharmacist’s leadership, advocacy, communication (written & verbal), and project management skills.
Preceptor: Dr. Penny Shelton

Executive Director
[email protected]

Practice Advancement

Preceptor: Dr. Cheryl Viracola
Director of Practice Advancement
[email protected]
This experience, the student pharmacist spends time working more directly with the Director of Practice Advancement, Dr. Cheryl Viracola, on initiatives and resources designed to equip pharmacists with information, tools, and skills to deliver enhanced patient care services. Much of our practice advancement work centers around pharmacist-delivered care to improve population and public health needs in our state. The student pharmacist will be included in our grant-based and resource-development work, which includes creation and delivery of education and training content, toolkit development, data management, and information outreach. Assignments are designed to enhance the student pharmacist’s creativity, communication, time management, and project management skills.


Students with questions about NCAP's APPE electives, can contact Cheryl Viracola at c[email protected] or call the NCAP office at 984-439-1646

APPE Rotation Spotlight - What do other students think about our rotations?

Angel Aviles-Ortiz - Campbell University: College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences Class of 2023
PharmD Candidate

"Completing a rotation with the North Carolina Association of Pharmacists has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have been a part of as a student. I have been able to apply my pharmaceutical knowledge as well as learn about important topics related to the pharmacy practice in the State of North Carolina. This rotation has reminded me about the importance of advocating both for patients and our profession. I was able to work on many different projects that aim to address and overcome barriers to healthcare access, help fight public health issues such as the Opioid Epidemic, as well as learn about the many roles that the State Association has in continuing education, practice advancement, and legislation. Definitely an experience that every pharmacy student should be a part of!"


Cynthia Hicks - East Tennessee State University: Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy Class of 2022
Pharm D Candidate

"Completing a rotation with NCAP has been my most unique APPE experience! I learned how to make real change happen through advocacy, legislation, education, and community partnerships. Learning about association management has allowed me to understand more about the necessary components of sustaining a valuable and dynamic organization for members. Being able to impact health care in this state has reinforced my belief that pharmacists have vast potential to improve the lives and care of their patients and inspired me to seek out those opportunities in my own practice."