The North Carolina Physicians Health Program (NCPHP)

The North Carolina Physicians Health Program (NCPHP) provides North Carolina’s pharmacists and pharmacy personnel with identification, evaluation, monitoring and advocacy support for substance use disorders. This allows them to participate in a sustainable recovery program and serve the public in a safe manner. NCPHP also provides assistance with mental health disorders as well as stress and burnout.

Common Warning Signs of a Substance Use Disorder

Performance Changes Physical Changes Attitude/Behavior Changes
•Misses appointments
•Late to work/leaves early
•Frequent absences
•Missing medications/frequent wasting of medications 
•Loss of appetite or reduced level of exercise
•Looks tired; admits to insomnia
•Deterioration of personal hygiene
•Physical problems are self-treated
•Smell of alcohol on breath while on duty
•Euphoria or somnolence without cause
•Red or glassy eyes
•Rapidly turns from compassionate and caring to abrupt and caustic
•Withdraws from friends and activities
•Becomes mistrusting, anxious, depressed, irritable


NCPHP referrals may come from NCBOP, hospitals, employers, colleagues, and self-referral. 

Self-referrals are well recieved and highly recommended, as preemptively seeking assistance demonstrates a willingness to address a potential issue before patient care is affected. 

Additional Information:

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