NCAP Fellow Status (FNCAP) 

In an effort to promote, sustain, and foster the advancement of North Carolina pharmacy practice, NCAP is providing a Fellow Practitioner Recognition Program and Fellow designation pathway for Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technician members, irrespective of practice settings.

Awarding NCAP Fellow status (FNCAP) is one means by which NCAP fosters and rewards demonstrated excellence in the practice of pharmacy.  Furthermore, fellow status promotes public awareness of Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technicians who have made significant and sustained contributions to NCAP and the profession of Pharmacy in North Carolina.


The application deadline for ALL materials is April 1, 2024



Eligible candidates must meet the following criteria to be awarded Fellow status.  The successful candidate will: 
  • Have a current NCAP membership as a Pharmacist or Pharmacy Technician
  • Have an NCAP membership for a minimum of 5 (five) years (does not have to be consecutive years)
    • Applicants are permitted to submit their application after completion of their 5th year
  • Once awarded, Fellow designees must continue their active NCAP membership as well as their NCAP involvement to use the FNCAP credentials
  • Have demonstrated active involvement and leadership in NCAP
  • Have demonstrated contributions to the total body of knowledge and leadership in the field of pharmacy within their respective practice setting(s)
  • Have demonstrated contributions to the total body of knowledge of contemporary and progressive pharmacy practice 


  • Carefully review the NCAP Fellow Practitioner Recognition Program criteria above before applying and ensure you meet all criteria
  • Download and thoroughly review the Application Guide (above) before starting the online form
  • The online application for the NCAP Fellow Practitioner Recognition Program must be completed by the candidate and all information must be complete and accurate




  Past FNCAP Awardees

Dr. Ann Marie Nye, 2022


Dr. Leigh Foushee, 2022


Dr. David C. Phillips, 2022


Dr. Leslie Carol Mizelle Barefoot, 2022


Dr. Debra Wobbleton Kemp, 2022


Dr. Mary Parker, 2022


Dr. Jennifer A. Buxton, 2022


Dr. Penny S. Shelton, 2022


Dr. Jennifer L. Burch, 2022


Dr. Robert P. Granko, 2022

Dr. John Brock Harris, 2022


Dr. Stefanie Ferreri, 2022


Dr. Kimberly L. Nealy, 2022


Dr. Stephen Frederick Eckel, 2022


Dr. Kira Brice Harris, 2022


Dr. Tyler Vest, 2022