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 Topics Programs CE Hours Expires
Tobacco Cessation Smoking and Vaping Update  1.0 Oct 2022
Harm Reduction 2021 Harm Reduction Series 3.0 Oct 2023




 Topics Programs CE Hours Expires
Drug Update 2021 Part 1
New Drug Update - What Did We Miss During the Pandemic  1.0 Sep 2023
Drug Update 2021 Part 2 New Drug Update - What Did We Miss During the Pandemic - Part 2 1.0 Oct 2023




 Topics Programs CE Hours Expires
Diabetes Diabetes Drugs May Not Only be for Diabetes: Navigating Novel Indications for Sodium Glucose Cotransporter 2 Inhibitors 1.0 Jul 2023
Beyond Blood Glucose... Pharmacologic Options to Further Reduce Risk of Morbidity & Mortality in T2DM  1.0 Aug 2022
Diabetes Prevention Initiative 1.0 Sept 2023



 Topics Programs CE Hours Expires
  Updates to Federal Regulations of Pharmacy 2021 1.0 Aug 2023
  Development of a Partnership Between Health System and Community Based Pharmacies 1.0 May 2023
  Resiliency in Challenging and Turbulent Times   1.0 Apr 2023
  Remote Product Checking  1.0 Oct 2022
  COVID-19 Therapy Update: Help From Norse Mythology 1.0 Feb 2024


 Topics Programs CE Hours Expires
Anti-Microbial Stewardship  Pneumonia: A Guideline Update 1.0 Jul 2023
A Stewizard's Approach to Antimicrobial Durations of Therapy  1.0 May 2023
Human Immunodeficiency Virus

PrEPare Yourself: Updates in HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis 1.0 May 2022


 Topics Programs CE Hours Expires
Inappropriate Drugs in Pediatrics
(KIDs) List
Have No Fear the KIDs List is Here 1.0 Jan 2023




 Topics Programs CE Hours Expires
Immunization Updates
Immunization Update and Toolkit Application 2.0 Oct 2022
COVID-19 Late Breaker COVID-19 Update: Test, Treat, Vaccinate  1.0 Oct 2022
 COVID-19 Testing in the Community 1.0 Oct 2022




 Topics Programs CE Hours Expires
 Contraception Expanding Pharmacists Role for Providing Hormonal Contraception 1.0 Oct 2022
Breastfeeding Medications and Breastfeeding  1.0 Apr 2022