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Welcome to NCAP's on-demand learning center! Here you can access pre-recorded programming on various topics, all with accompanying continuing education credit to assist you in meeting your annual license renewal requirements.  Most programs are free to NCAP members with reasonable pricing for non-members.  

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 Topics Programs CE Hours Expires

Keeping Up With Literature for the Busy Pharmacist - 2022 Convention On-Demand 1.0 Jun 2025
Achy Break-y Heart Failure Updates - 2022 Convention On-Demand 1.0 Jun 2025
It's Not Cardi B, It's CAR T-Cell Therapy: A Discussion of CAR T Therapies and Their Clinical Applications - 2022 Convention On-Demand  1.0  Jun 2025
The New Skinny on Obesity Treatments - 2022 Convention On-Demand  1.0  Jun 2025
Situation Critical: ICU Pharmacy Updates - 2022 Convention On-Demand  1.0  Jun 2025
Updates to Pharmacy Law 2022 - 2022 Convention On-Demand  1.0  Jun 2025
Not at the Table? You are on the Menu: Importance of the Policy Process for Health-System Pharmacists - 2022 Convention On-Demand  1.0  Jun 2025
Putting the Brakes on Breaks - 2022 Convention On-Demand  1.0  Jun 2025
Strategies to Overcome Technician Shortages - 2022 Convention On-Demand  1.0  Jun 2025



 Topics Programs CE Hours Expires
Harm Reduction 2021 Harm Reduction Series 3.0 Oct 2023
  Clozapine 101: Time to Shine  - NEW! 1.0 Dec 2025




 Topics Programs CE Hours Expires
Drug Update 2021 Part 1
New Drug Update - What Did We Miss During the Pandemic  1.0 Sep 2023
Drug Update 2021 Part 2 New Drug Update - What Did We Miss During the Pandemic - Part 2 1.0 Oct 2023



 Topics Programs CE Hours Expires
Diabetes Diabetes Drugs May Not Only be for Diabetes: Navigating Novel Indications for Sodium Glucose Cotransporter 2 Inhibitors 1.0 Jul 2023
Diabetes Prevention Initiative 1.0 Sept 2023
Gizmos and Gadgets - Exploring Diabetes Technology - NEW!  1.0 March 2026



 Topics Programs CE Hours Expires
  Updates to Federal Regulations of Pharmacy 2021 1.0 Aug 2023
  Development of a Partnership Between Health System and Community Based Pharmacies 1.0 May 2023
  Resiliency in Challenging and Turbulent Times   1.0 Apr 2023
  COVID-19 Therapy Update: Help From Norse Mythology 1.0 Feb 2024
  Antibiotic Stewardship in Older Adults 1.0 July 2024
  The Colon: Cleaning and Home Screening 1.0 August 2024
  On-Demand: Scratching the Surface or Digging Deep: Psoriasis Update - NEW! 1.0 January 2026


 Topics Programs CE Hours Expires
Anti-Microbial Stewardship  Pneumonia: A Guideline Update 1.0 Jul 2023
A Stewizard's Approach to Antimicrobial Durations of Therapy  1.0 May 2023


 Topics Programs CE Hours Expires
Inappropriate Drugs in Pediatrics
(KIDs) List
Have No Fear the KIDs List is Here 1.0 Jan 2023




 Topics Programs CE Hours Expires
Pneumococcal Vaccine Updates 1.0 July 2024